Wednesday, 7 May 2008

On having expensive taste...

David has commented on numerous occasions over the past year or so that we are, in fact, food snobs. I have always re-buffed such claims, suggesting instead that there is nothing wrong with wanting good, honest food. The majority of the time this means I end up undertaking a degree of culinary experimentation, however it also means that from time to time I spend ridiculous amounts of money of things I do not yet have the means to make (such as cheese and wine).

The upshot of this is that the problem with expensive taste is the amount of money you end up spending, particularly when you like drinking half-decent French red wine. So... having just had a little snoop around the St. John site I was overjoyed to discover that not only do they have two fine restaurants - they also have an online wine shop. It looks all too tempting, and better yet, affordable!

Dear readers, I shall investigate very soon!

[the pic used above of course, comes courtesy of their site]

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tim_g said...

oh yeah you can pick up wine from st john bread & wine! it's crazy tho bcz they have the prices of the wine to drink at the restaurant or to take away and of course you see the mark-up that they put on the bottles which kind of freaks you out.