Friday, 30 May 2008

More on school dinners

It's a while since Jamie Oliver bought the current state of school dinners to our attention - and at the time got a very good response (at least from the parents). Alarmingly, this article today highlights how ministers are now going back on their pledge of a minimum spend of 50p for every school meal in the face of our current soaring food prices.

In addition, I have been visiting a relative who's spent time in hospital this year and have to say the situation there is equally as grim. It makes me wonder how on earth anyone is ever supposed to get better eating the food provided? Perhaps odder though is watching someone who's been very sick have very specific advice from a dietitian, only to be ignored by the kitchen, meaning that said patient can't eat anything. The mind boggles.

Still, trying to stay positive the School Food Trust still remains, as set up by the government back when they made their pledge of 50p in 2005, with new standards to be implemented in schools from September onwards. In addition to this the Food for Life Partnership is committed to joining up schools and communities across the country in an effort to ensure good school meals and home cooked dinners. And I suppose I will finally be able to put my money where my mouth is once I'm a qualified teacher...

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