Saturday, 29 March 2008

Make mine a Sledgehammer!

I have often considered writing about the Sledgehammer, but for some reason to have never quite managed it. Well consider it no more! The Sledgehammer is absolutely brilliant, and I often credit it for it's cold-fending-off properties. Really it's best enjoyed right before getting into bed - what more can I say, the name does it all - a good night's sleep shall follow. Basically, it's honey and lemon, with a good few slices of ginger to give it a kick and a healthy dose of whiskey.

Tip 1 - You might want to make sure that the honey's not commercial - they pasturise commercial honey for some reason, wasting all of it's healthy goodness.

Tip 2 - Whilst this can still be made without ginger (or whiskey for the teetotal) NEVER attempt to make it without the lemon, it becomes sickly and horrid.

Tip 3 - Why even wait for bedtime? I'm enjoying one right now ;)

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