Sunday, 16 March 2008

The latest...

... in my ridiculous thrifty d.i.y. projects in the kitchen. This time, my first pickling attempt, and seriously, what could be better than making your own pickled onions? Well, exactly, that's what I thought - not a bloody lot! And I've been waiting a long time to sample these babies... oh yes. Forget the two weeks of the ginger beer - I'm talking about three months here - at least. This takes some serious patience and self-discipline.

Again, from my trusty Good Housekeeping Family Library: Jams & Preserves these are really too easy and too good to be true. Anyway, here's the recipe, go ahead and try 'em.

Pickled onions
Choose small, even-sized onions; the silverskin kinds are best(I couldn't get these and just went for normal pickling onions from a greengrocer). Place without skinning in a brine made from 1lb salt to every gallon of water. Leave for 12 hours. Skin, then cover with fresh brine and leave for a further 24-36 hours, Remove the onions from brine and drain thoroughly. Pack into jars or bottles and cover with cold spiced vinegar (recipe to be found here, although you might want to try less cloves). Cover in the usual way. Leave for three months before using.

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