Sunday, 28 October 2007

L'Epicerie @ 56

Living the student life is all well and good, but in your late 20's the last thing you want to face is a diet of beans on toast, so, I have got a job. And not just any old job - no siree Bob! Around the time that I'd started to psyche myself up to facing the local pub I noticed a shop being done up just around the corner from where I live. As if by chance it has been transformed into a delicious French Deli, where you will find none other than myself behind the counter (weekends only of course).

Run by a chap called Remy it stocks a good selection of cheeses, charcuterie, fresh bread, croissants and all manner of delectable goodness. Come check us out!

ps - they stock good wine and cider too ;)

L'Epicerie @ 56
56 Chatsworth Road

(pictures to follow shortly)


Attitude Power Trim said...

We wish L'Epicerie all the very best. It's great to see such a quality establishment coming into this area of London. We live in Homerton a few minutes away and have been wanting to see something like this happen for ages. Good luck.

Emma said...

Brilliant - cheers for the best wishes. Unfortunately I've actually had to hand in my notice as it's too much in combination with my course - hard to believe I'm saying this, but teaching must come before cheese!

Fabio said...

That place is great and while I had a delicious quiche yesterday the music was provided by Robert Wyatt!

Fabio said...
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