Sunday, 7 October 2007

Ginger Beer - WARNING!

I woke up this morning incredibly fuzzy headed following what turned out to be an all day cider-rugby extravaganza with some friends (two of which were Australian, not that I'd rub it in of course). So, I'm not sure if other people experience this as well, but I always seem to go through an initial enthusiastic hyperactive patch when I wake with a hangover (although some may put this down to still feeling pissed). This morning I thought it would be a great idea to open the first bottle of ginger beer (note, there is no picture of the occasion here). What better way to kick off the day than by enjoying some freshly brewed ginger beer in bed with David? What better way indeed. It seems that my well-capped bottles had developed quite some gaseous build-up, as we soon discovered.

Once released, the ginger beer exploded beyond belief, apparently also enjoying some kind of Sunday morning enthusiasm - which pretty much covered the entire bedroom, and made it smell of yeast, or even 'puke' as David put it. By the time David had wrestled the stopper back on there was only about a quarter of the beer left.

So dear readers, a word of warning: do not attempt to open any home-brewed ginger beer without being a) fully clad in the sturdiest of wet weather gear, and b) make sure you are in a well sealed, waterproof room.

Still, on a more positive note we are now fully immersed in Winter food mode, and what better meal than the good ol' roast dinner? We plumped for a forerib of a beef in the end; a beast of a meal for two people but I just cannot see the sense in doing things by halves. Truth be told we scoffed as much as we possibly could, which was A LOT, and have enough left over for a good roast beef sandwich or two, cottage pie and of course, I get to make some stock ;)

Hats off to David for a top quality roast - I contributed some fresh creamed horseradish and what I can easily say were the best Yorkshire Puddings of my entire career as an enthusiastic roaster. All in all though the roast was his, and I have to say it has set a high precedent for the months ahead.

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