Saturday, 26 May 2007

Soil Association plans to cut down food miles

An interesting article on the BBC's site today about plans from the Soil Association to cut back on food imported by air freight. One option they are set to propose could even strip food of it's organic status if flown into the country.

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Hungry Barbarian said...

An organic product losing its organic status because of how they are shipped is ludicrous! Organic has to do with how a product was raised, not the manner in which it reached the supermarket; I’m hoping cooler minds and common sense prevail on this issue.

Emma said...

I think ethically speaking you need to look at the bigger picture. Just because something is classed as organic it doesn't mean that farm workers have better conditions, or even that their pay reflects organic prices back here in England. I'm not attacking organic produce at all, I'm a fan myself, but I do think more needs to be done to cut down on food miles.