Thursday, 17 May 2007

Back to basics

Not really about food (that to follow), but I have just come back from holiday and really wanted to recommend this place. If you're looking for a basic, chilled, eco place to holiday look no further. Aspros Potamos is just 1km from the coast in South-Eastern Crete, tucked away in the hills. Staying in renovated Olive Farmers' cottages the place has no electricity, with a large solar panel system to provide lighting in the bathrooms and hot water for the shower. Walls are thick enough keeping you cool in the summer, and there are log fires to warm you through the winter - using paraffin lamps and candles for lighting.

This place is absolutely top (if you don't mind roughing it a bit). My only reservation is that in all the good you do staying without electricity you do (kind of) need a car to get around, as it's quite remote.

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