Friday, 4 April 2008

The culinary delights of Hackney

It's a while since I've been to Victoria Park - and my, how it's coming on. I was making my way towards the lovely Pavillion Cafe in the park, which I'd heard lots of goodness about. Aside from the swarms of yummy mummys chasing Oscar/Matilda etc. away from other tables I have to say it indeed did deserve such praise. Organic and Fairtrade items feature regularly on the menu, and although I've yet to test it, the food looked good, sourced from the likes of Brindisa and the Ginger Pig, and it is now also a collection point for the Growing Communities veg box scheme. Coffee was the Monmouth Coffee people - my fave! Really, I suppose the yummy mummy comment is a little unfair; no doubt in time I'll be just the same, and really, it's my own fault for trying to seek some solitude there during the Easter Holidays on the warmest day yet!

So... coming back to the culinary delights of Hackney, getting back on my bike I cycled via the roundabout, in the direction of Homerton. On my way I passed a promising fish and chip restaurant/take away called The Fish House (we're trying it out this evening), opposite a branch of The Ginger Pig - set to open April 8th. How exciting! Will have to investigate further this evening...

ps - obviously I didn't quite get it together to post this last night and so can report happily that their fish and chips is good!

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