Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Libyan soup with Couscous

My blog has suffered of late, and it is almost bedtime (how things have changed since returning to college) but I wanted first to say that if anything I've been cooking more (lunch options are not promising round the back of the Elephant and Castle at the best of times). Anyway, if I'm posting less it's because I'm settling into the ├╝ber organisational ways that will be required this year. There is definitely still a place for rub a dub dub though... it might just take a while to find it.

Anyway, I thought I'd share one of my favourite things with you quickly, since I cooked it for supper this evening. Another recipe from Delia (have I mentioned it already?), Libyan soup with Couscous. I think the absolute secret between this being an alright soup and a sublime one is to make your own lamb stock beforehand. I save up all bones, trimmings and leftovers in the freezer just for this very dish. Honestly, it's that good! To top it off I served it with slices of seeded wholemeal bread, fresh out of the oven.

ps (apologies Delia, I was too consumed with the thought of eating it, that I didn't take the time to photograph it lovingly, as I would normally. This picture here has indeed been lifted from your site.)


Andy Roberts said...

is my favourite thing at present, and the libyan recipe sounds great, with lamb bones and everything. I'd probably use black eyed beans.

Andy Roberts said...
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