Monday, 17 September 2007

Ginger Beer cont...

Well, I'm pretty sure that my ginger beer plant is now ready for me to finish off and bottle up. Which is precisely the problem - I have no suitable bottles! They are ordered, so it's just a case of convincing the plant to hang on in there until they arrive. I've ordered some like this from Lakeland. It's worth getting some with stoppers on, as I've heard it's pretty ferocious. This has even been confirmed by my Grandma, who was more than happy to recount the tale of the day the ginger beer exploded in their living room!

Anyhow, this is the recipe I have been following, if anyone fancies a go?

In case you are wondering what is in the bottle next the ginger beer plant, this is some chutney vinegar, which I have stewing for the next month or so. I've heard that the best results for a spiced vinegar come from leaving the spices to seep for a month or two, rather than boiling all up on the day. We shall see, although not for a little while. If you want to do this add your spices to a bottle with either white wine or cider vinegar, and then leave alone, giving it a shake once in a while.

I also made some more blackcurrant jam this weekend. I love the sharper jams such as raspberry and blackcurrant, and luckily I now have more than enough to see me well into the next decade!


asdf said...

im disapointed you didnt got for the alholic version (looks like you just have to let it brew longer) :)

asdf said... - bit mroe sugar in the plant too

Emma said...

Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed I didn't too, but then if I'm totally honest I'm crap at reading things through, and although I found the same recipe as you, I just didn't read that bit properly. Still, have just bottled up my first batch, and couldn't keep the plant going due to lack of bottles, so could perhaps go for that one next time :)

asdf said...

im going to bottle up tonight. i think you'll be so chuffed with the end result, it taste awesome!