Thursday, 9 August 2007

Luscombe's Hot Ginger Beer

I tried Luscombe's Organic Hot Ginger Beer this lunch time - if you've not had it before it's delicious! Intrigued, I decided to look them up on the Internet. This, on their 'ethos' page made me laugh

'LUSCOMBE drinks are made with purely the finest quality fresh ingredients, without... big, harsh, rasping bubbles the size of toads` eyes.'

Big rasping bubbles the size of toads eyes? I'd love to have been there when that bit of copy was approved! Anyway, expect adventures in ginger beer to appear here very soon, I've tracked down a recipe already.

*apologies for rubbish pic, had to use my phone

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asdf said...

my gran used to make ginger beer. you have to get a 'plant' together which you feed sugar and ginger everyday. its awesome. it moves and bubbles. looking forward to seeing the recipe. im going to get back into it. make my gran proud.