Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Rosé's alright

On Friday I somehow (thank you Asi) found myself one of the lucky guinea pigs requested to try out Shoreditch House's new restaurant and kitchen. It's a little different up there to how I'd imagine - the restaurant is laid out as a canteen, with a large farmhouse style French dresser running down the entire length of one wall. All in all though I'd say it was really good.

The food was excellent - I had Beef Carpaccio in Venetian sauce, followed by Roast Suckling Pig. In true student-style, not content with this for my lunch I managed to get a whole other course in my belly, and finished off with the Italian Cheese Board! Some habits die hard.

Personally, I still cannot justify the cost of joining or the enormous annual fee, but I'm sure this place will have no end of fans when it opens later this week.

PS - The rosé was rather alright too!

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