Thursday, 7 June 2007

I am a cider drinker

I am a very big fan of the cider. Oh yes, much research has been done in that department. Sadly though the East End of London isn't quite the best situation for such a taste, so it's nice to see the Guardian cite an online shop dedicated to the love and purchase of good apples.

I was even more pleased to see that they've been visiting the UK Cider Wiki - which I myself have rummaged around in recently. I have (vague) plans to try my hand at cider-making this summer or next; either way, Rose Grant's contribution on Cider By Rosie is entertaining.

ps - my personal fave is 'Rattler', produced by Skinners of Truro and The Cornish Cyder Farm (the latter owning the strapline 'Legless but smiling')

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jjdh21 said...

FYI Cornish Rattler has nothing to do with Skinners brewery - it is made by the Cornish Cyder Farm near Penhallow, and St. Austell brewery distribute it