Sunday, 21 February 2010

A good read

I love nothing more than a good book - I can literally put my life on hold until one is finished, should circumstances allow me to do so. A good bookshop can be one of the most soothing environments around; especially ones such as the Broadway Bookshop or Falmouth Bookseller.

So, am completely loving these editions that I came across this morning, via this blog. It's just a shame that it's in Swedish. From what I can gather they're from Penguin, but any Scandos out there able to translate for me?

Furthermore, have just found Twitterature, The World's Greatest Books in Twenty Tweets or Less. Clever, concise reading, or gimmick? Reminds me of the Reduced Shakespeare Company.

*** Have since found them. Called the 'Clothbound Classics' they are available here.


Ariana said...

Ooooooo! Shiny! :)

Thanks for the post, these are lovely.

Jnr.D said...

These were done by this lady:
and are indeed v nice... She's a senior cover designer at Penguin Books

Trak said...

Hey, if you like these then you'll love these...

The flagship shop is near Great Orman Street and I think they have another little shop near Notting Hill now too.

Emma said...

They look lovely - cheers for the link Trak, will check them out.