Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Real Seed Catalogue

You may have heard of these chaps before, I hadn't. Anyhoo... have been turning my mind to thinking about what I'm going to grow in the garden this year. Last year was a bit of a warm-up, we only really got here at the beginning of August, and I'd misplaced my best gardening book (which, I can't recommend enough, by the way). So, I've listed out all of the seeds that I've bought and collected over the years, which seemed to be a lot more than I'd thought, but had some real holes in it, as I've recently discovered. Plentiful are the summer sunshine-loving regulars such as tomatoes, peppers and herbs; non-existent are the winter stalwarts such as broccoli or cabbage. How on earth I thought we'd survive on a couple of mizuna and rocket plants, I have no idea, but next (read: this) year we should now be able to look forward to a more productive year - all year.

Sadly then, I just came across the Real Seed Catalogue this morning, having ordered all other things last night (via Garden Organic and Suffolk Herbs). Based in Wales, they have been collecting rare and heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs since 1990, and actively promote the saving of your own seeds - supplying a 'how to' with each packet of seeds bought. Don't know about you, but I quite fancy trying some of their chilli peppers...

Sorry about size of pic above by the way... all their pics are tiny.

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