Monday, 15 June 2009

Cold at night

I meant to post about this a week or so ago, but things have been a little odd lately, y'know how it is. Anyway, over half term we went for camping for a few days at Fforest, near to Cardigan in Wales - and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Tents are well spaced out (no more than 8 tipis in one field, spaced around the edge), and include a wood-burning stove - making it definitely not coldatnight, as their url suggests. Additionally you get your own kitchen area, there's a Cedar Barrel Sauna in the woods, films shown at night, fresh breakfast is included... I could go on.

Anyway, as it was (kind of) for my birthday I had the additional bonus of an Ottolenghi meringue (thanks Tash!) to tuck into when I arrived. How smug am I?


Joc said...

I live In wales and got camping a lot
A campsite with out a campfire is one without a soul
My friend has one of these
It has help us keep warm on many a cold night.

Emma said...

Cool - looks good :)