Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Spring - the return of the potato cake!

Spring has definitely sprung ladies and gentlemen, oh yes siree Bob! Obvious to many, I know, but I am very pleased to say our veg bag has turned a corner. This was the first week we DID NOT have Purple Sprouting Broccoli (not that I have anything against it), or some long-lost relative to the Cabbage. No no, gone are the bags of kale, endless spring cabbages and the like, and instead we have salad bags, grown locally in Hackney, packed full of herbs and tasty hints at summertime and late bbqs. Bags of chard (some of which I am about to eat) and, joy oh joy; the first corgettes!

So this evening, to celebrate, I have made my first Corgette and Potato Cakes of the season. Brilliant with mayonaise, near sublime with lamb, the recipe comes courtesy of HRH of cooking herself: Delia Smith.

Delia, I salute you!

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